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A natural product made from brown cane sugar | Brown cane sugar is a very particular sugar: a purely natural product that comes from the juice of freshly harvested sugar cane. Some of our speciality sugars include Golden Caster, Turbinado and Dark Muscovado sugar. You can order these richly spiced sugars from us as exclusive ingredients for your gourmet products. This way, you can make every dish a flavour sensation and a culinary experience.

Rich in minerals and full of flavour | Besides refined white sugar, there is also raw cane sugar (muscovado) and whole cane sugar, which is also called dried cane juice. Raw cane sugar is partially refined and contains 0.3 – 1% molasses. Whole cane sugar is an unrefined sugar and contains all the minerals present in sugar cane – such as iron, magnesium, calcium, and vitamin B – and is distinguished by its unique, intensive taste of molasses.

Countries producing cane sugar | Cane sugar is produced in the tropics and subtropics in 71 countries worldwide. The precious specialities we offer come from sugar cane grown in Mauritius, the Philippines and Colombia.

Golden Caster

Golden Caster




99,7 %


Nature’s finished product

Golden caster sugar is an extra fine-grain but unrefined and chemically untouched sugar made from sugar cane. This naturally finished cane sugar is produced in Mauritius and other tropical and subtropical areas where sugar cane is grown.

A luxurious alternative

Golden caster sugar is an exquisite alternative to refined white sugar. A lightly flowing, dry sugar, it has a light-golden colour and a delicious smell of fudge.

Enhance your coffee

Try some speciality sugar in your coffee to add a spicy touch.

Rich in minerals and nutrients

This entirely natural sweetener from sugar cane contains, in comparison to refined sugar, an array of minerals and nutrients, from calcium and iron to phosphorus and sodium.

A flexible addition to your meals

Golden caster sugar has fantastic potential as a key ingredient, not least because it can be used as a replacement for granulated sugar in a variety of contexts. It will dissolve quickly and smoothly into your drinks, enrich your pastries with its distinctive flavour, and delightfully complement a whole host of dishes from the sweet to the savoury.






98,0 %


The original from sugar cane

Turbinado sugar is a primary, barely refined cane sugar that is produced in all tropical and subtropical areas where sugar cane is grown.

Hints of caramel

Turbinado is a light brown cane sugar with a molasses content of approx. 2-3 %. Turbinado crystals are a little smaller than demerara crystals. As such, turbinado has finer grains, with a taste to match. Its distinctive notes of caramel and honey render it a unique and rather special sugar. Turbinado grains are coarser than those of conventional white Sugars.

Subtly spicy

Despite its discreetly sticky crystals, turbinado flows smoothly like white sugar. Its smell is not as strong as that of muscovado. The taste also contains hints of molasses and caramel. However, the spiciness of its taste is far more subtle than muscovado’s.

A multifaceted alternative

Turbinado is a fantastic sugar to use with cakes and pastries. A more flavourful alternative to refined white sugar, turbinado is used as a sweetener in tea, with breakfast cereals, with jam and even in the production of wine.

Use in beverages

Turbinado is an excellent complementary ingredient for drinks. For example, a homemade iced tea with black tea and lemon juice needs only a teaspoonful of turbinado to make the drink as delicious as it is refreshing, with just the right amount of sweetness.

Dark Muscovado

Dark Muscovado

Lightly sweet



88,0 %

min. Polarisation

The star among the specialties

Dark muscovado is a natural whole cane sugar with a powerful aroma that is produced in various countries from Colombia, Brazil, Guatemala and Argentina to Mauritius and the Philippines. Muscovado is produced without chemical treatment from the moment it is extracted from the pure juice of the sugar cane, filtered and gradually concentrated, to its final drying and milling.

Sweet and flavourful

In gourmet cuisine, dark muscovado is exceptionally prized as a complement to the heartiest savoury meals as well as desserts and sugary treats. Similarly, muscovado is used as an ingredient in the food industry to enhance taste. It is a favourite addition to cereals, dairy products, cake- and bread-mixes, drinks and baby Food.

Spicy spare ribs

Mix up a homemade marinade with soy sauce, chili sauce and dark muscovado to give your ribs a one-of-a-kind glaze that’s both spicy and sweet!

A unique consistency

The high percentage of molasses in muscovado (10-15%) is what gives the sugar its soft, lumpy and moist consistency.

This molasses is produced by boiling und stirring the cane juice until it becomes a viscous liquid. Finally, the molasses is heated until the remaining water evaporates.

An intense taste

Dark-brown muscovado, with its leftover traces of syrup and lightly sticky consistency, is a sugar that has a wide range of flavours up its sleeve: from an intense and unique taste of molasses (caramel) to its far more subtle suggestion of liquorice. The colour and smell of muscovado are almost as singular as its taste: together with its sticky consistency, its dark-brown colour and its heavy caramel aroma make muscovado easy to recognise even before it has been tasted!

Rich in minerals and nutrients

This entirely natural sweetener from the sugar cane contains, in comparison to refined sugar, an array of minerals and nutrients, from potassium and iron to phosphorus and sodium.

Aromatic cakes

Dark muscovado’s intense taste lends a tremendous weight to the cakes and tarts that have been baked with the sugar. The only remaining secret ingredient – that goes perfectly with muscovado – is a sly drop of rum!

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