Speciality Sugar

Fine sweetness for gourmet cuisine

A natural product made from brown cane sugar and palm trees | Speciality sugar (Seasoning sugar ) is a precious sugar that gives meals and drinks a special note and transforms them into a taste experience. Our selection of exclusive sugar specialities made from sugar cane includes golden caster, turbinado and dark muscovado. A particular treasure is our coconut blossom sugar, which is produced through traditional manual labour.


Speciality Sugar Made from Sugar Cane

Golden caster

Dark Muscovado

Fine seasonings

Our flavourful sugar specialities made from brown cane sugar give the perfect sweetness to confectionary, desserts, and pastries and are ideal for enriching savoury gourmet recipes. However, the sugars can also be used in coffee, tea, exotic cocktails, fruit salads, and muesli.

Get to know our cane sugar specialities golden caster, turbinado, and dark muscovado.

Light notes of caramel

Speciality sugars made from brown cane sugar are distinguished by the notes of caramel in their taste. Molasses is a natural by-product of the sugar production process

A full bouquet

Turbinado and dark muscovado are spices and sugars that are particularly full of minerals and vitamins. Not overly sweet, they offer instead a full bouquet of flavours.

Speciality sugars made from palm trees

Coconut blossom sugar

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