Liquid Sugar

Liquid Sugar: our own Innovation

Production of liquid sugar

Liquid sugar is a light, clear syrup that is made from a concentrated sugar solution. The syrup consists of sucrose and water. The sucrose is naturally produced by means of a purely physical separation process.

A long tradition of quality

We have a long tradition of prioritising quality. We produce liquid sugar whose quality of flow and of convenience is suited both for the food and beverage industry and for pharmaceuticals. The ICUMSA value of liquid sugar is max. 25 and the max. ICUMSA value of organic liquid sugar is 100.

Inverted Sugar

very sweet



The sweet intensity of inverted sugar syrup

Our crystallisation-resistant syrups, which are clear or a translucent yellow, are made from an equal mixture of glucose, sucrose and fructose (partially inverted) or glucose and fructose (fully inverted). These syrups, with their intense sweetness, improve both the consistency and the taste of industrially bottled soft drinks. With our sugar syrups, your end product will maintain a constant sugar composition, even after it has left the bottling plant.

A flavour enhancement

Liquid sugar is markedly versatile: it is available as a non-inverted sugar solution, a partially and a fully inverted solution. Sucrose is a flavour carrier and positively influences taste.

The innovation of special syrups

In determining the composition of our syrup mixtures based on sterilely filtered inverted sugar, we offer the possibility of adding starch sugar, sorbitol, lactose, fructose, caramel colouring or caramel syrup to your product. Indeed, we can add these to your entire food sector as well as to individual products. Your wish is our command! We support your strategic product development and create the unique syrup precisely suited to your needs.

The efficient option

For many applications and recipes, sugar in liquid form is the best option, as its unique characteristics offer otherwise unavailable advantages. Above all, the liquid form is especially efficient and productive because it has already been dissolved, cleanly filtered and pasteurised. The ICUMSA value of non-organic inverted sugar is max. 40.

Organic Inverted Sugar

very sweet



Velvet-brown caramel syrup

Like ordinary inverted sugar syrups, our organic syrups are cleanly filtered and produced under regulated heating conditions in accordance with the regulations for this type of sugar. Without additional ingredients, syrups develop that are caramel-flavoured, mildly sweet or even bitter. These can be used in the flavouring of confectionary, baked goods, soups, sauces, spices, liquorice, desserts and coffee products. Organic sugar syrups can also be used in the development of pharmaceutical products such as cough syrups and elixirs.

The sustainable sugar

Like our organic inverted sugar syrup, our organic caramel is typically made from organic cane sugar and is always produced without chemical ingredients. These sugar products can be used in an array of products that receive the organic seal of approval.

ICUMSA values

Owing to its high quality, scent-enhancing properties and its ability to help drinks maintain their colour, liquid sugar is suited to various uses: from soft drinks, beer-based mixed drinks, fruit nectars and colourless liqueurs to sauces, fruit and vegetable conserves, and pharmaceutical products.

Food and beverages

Clear, cleanly dissolved, filtered and pasteurised liquid sugar is excellently suited for further processing in the food and beverage industry. 

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