Crystal Sugar

We supply crystal sugar made from sugar cane and sugar beets

Producing Sugar | Crystal sugar is produced through a repeated process of dissolving, removing colour, filtering, crystallising and extracting by means of centrifugal force. Sugar is a purely natural product and, although chemical reactions are a necessary part of the juice purification process, the sugar itself remains chemically unchanged throughout.

Sustainability | As a company whose structure has always been built around our values, we strive for the realisation of our sustainability goals and prioritise the sustainable production of sugar and the protection of resources.
We work together in partnership with farmers to help them increase their sustainability. We supply sugar of a quality suitable for use in foodstuffs.

Countries that produce beet sugar (green) and countries that produce cane sugar (blue) | Sugar is produced in 113 countries across the globe: 71 of these produce from sugar cane; 35 from sugar beet; and seven from both.

Two different plants, one chemically identical product.

Beet sugar crystals

Cane sugar crystals

BOETTGER|ZUCKER’s all-rounder

Diverse uses

Crystal sugar is perfect for cakes and pastries, sweets and chocolate, jams and jelly, dairy products and ice creams, sauces and dressings, soft drinks and more. It is even suited for use in the pharma industry.


Unleashing aromas | Many foods only release their full aroma when they come in contact with sugar. That’s why sugared strawberries have a stronger fragrance and taste better.

Jams and Jelly

In jams and jelly, a high concentration of sugar thickens the water and results in a longer storage life. Sugar stabilises important vitamins because it reduces a food’s tendency to absorb oxygen in the air.

Confectionary and cakes

Our specialties coarse sugar, icing sugar and fondant made from beet sugar lend that elusive fineness to your pralines, pastries, confectionery and cakes: at long last your product will taste as outstanding as it looks! 


In sugar sacks

Ideal for small companies and factories

Industrial demand

We supply large companies

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